Buffet Strategies - the book. Out now!

by Paul Bell

Here’s the blurb from my new book, to give you a flavour of what it’s all about…

Ever wondered exactly the best way to approach a buffet? How could a song about biscuits lead a man to share a stage with the Archbishop of Canterbury, be mentioned in a national Newspaper, and start a relationship with his future wife? What are the first names of the Mr Men? You hold in your hand the answers to these questions, and many more.

For the first time, singer and songwriter Paul Bell collects together the lyrics to some of his best loved songs and the stories behind them, along with jokes he’s written over the years and a few tales from over 15 years as a performer and almost 40 years as a semi-functioning human.

Available in the store for £7 inc P&P, or £20 for 3 copies. Ideal gifts for Christmas :)

When I first heard Paul Bell I was captivated. And I still am.


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